COVID-19 Private Testing

COVID-19 Private Testing

Here at Roshni clinic we offer 2 different tests.

For travel we offer the COVID-19 PCR swab test.

For previous infection/antibody detection we have the COVID-19 Rapid in-clinic Antibody Test.

COVID-19 RT-PCR Swab Test

Testing available 6 days a week

Results in 48 hours

Fit to Fly Certificates included

Accredited Laboratory


COVID-19 Rapid In-Clinic Antibody Test

Testing available 6 days a week

Immediate results

Clinical result analysis


COVID-19 Rapid In-Clinic Antigen Test

Testing available 6 days a week

Immediate results (15 minutes)

Clinical result analysis 99% Accuracy


How does the COVID-19 PCR fit to fly test service work?

1. Please give the clinic a call to arrange an appointment


3. Day of appointment we will ask you to fill out a consent form and any relevant paperwork and explain the procedure to you.

5. Your sample is sent to the lab on the same day for analysis and results are received within 48 hours.

2. Choose a date and time for your appointment

4. Nose and throat swabs are taken under the supervision of our clinic team.

6. We issue “Fit to Fly Certificates” at no additional cost and you are ready to travel.

We have helped hundreds of happy customers travel with ease

Book in for free consultation with one of our practitioners to address any particular concern you are facing.